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Dental Crowns in Salt Lake CityA Dental Crown is a restoration that is placed on teeth that have lost a lot of their structure. Entirely covering a damaged tooth, dental crowns are also known as a “cap.” There are various types of crowns, ranging from full porcelain to full metal. At Foothill Dental we specialize in CEREC Crowns. There are certain advantages and disadvantages for each type of material used in restoring a fractured tooth. Consult Drs. Stohl during your office visit to see which option best fits for you.

The process of making a Dental Crown includes many steps, beginning with preparing and taking impressions of the tooth/teeth involved. A temporary Dental Crown or dental bridge is then placed. Meanwhile, impressions are sent to the lab so a mold of the teeth is poured and the work begins. The completed work is sent back to the office; after inspection and adjustments, it is cemented onto your teeth.

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Dental Crowns

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